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    DMToolbox is a toolbox of dungeon master apps that make life easier, while still keeping the thrill of traditional pen and paper RPG's! Featured modules include Dice rolling with history tracking, character sheets, stats "25 point" system or animated 4d6k3 point roller, journal with sketch and write options, inventory to view and equip weapons; more to come!

    + 720p HD Graphics (Next patch! I need to re-arrange my code)

    + Dice Module
    >> Roll a dice from d4 to d100 with realistic rolls/sounds
    >> Keep track with roll history and combination rolls/totals
    >> Fire theme (free), ice theme (premium)

    + Stats module
    >> Random name generator
    >> Save/Delete chars persistently
    >> Choose easily with pre-set options or customized entries
    >> Auto-save feature so you never lose your data

    + Journal module
    >> WRITE mode allows you to keep journals and save/load them via labels
    >> SKETCH allows you to draw with different colors on a scroll and save/load them via labels

    [NEW] Inventory module (Premium only for now; free version coming soon)
    >> Display weapons on the table to choose from
    >> Click a weapon to see name, stats, price, properties and more
    >> Equip/Unequip weapons to your characters and save them!
    >> Switch between different tiers of weapons (coming soon)

    [Premium version available for $1.99 (ad-free, themes, pre-released modules]

    Please email me with any bugs or feedback; suggestions appreciated, too.

    ** Familiar with AppInventor? Join me! This will be a great spot on your resume. I could use help ;)

    ** Want to suggest a feature or bug fix? Let me know and I'll give you credit for the idea if it's new to me!

    >> Screenshots are taken from PREMIUM version; Free version may contain ads or lack minor content

    (Note: I am not in any way affiliated with Wizards of the Coast, Dungeons and Dragons, or D&D, which are all registered trademarks of their own)

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