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    Dog Whistle Pro, this is an upgrade from lite version app and still gives you power to command all the dogs and cats!

    Every time you turn on the dog whistle pro, dogs and cats will immediately give attention to the sound and wondering what's going on, so whenever you walk over a house or zoo where dog keeps barking at you, just turn on the whistle for fun.

    With Dog Whistle Pro, you now have a perfect opportunity to get animals to respond! And possibly train them. Best spot to try it out is the zoo.

    The reason why this works so well is because dogs can hear sounds of high frequency which are hardly perceived by human ears. By simply adjusting sound frequency you can make the dog react your way.

    You can also use Dog Whistle Pro to train your dogs, as well as pull a prank on animals as well as humans.

    - Pro version is even cleaner than the lite version
    - Adjustable frequency generator (0Hz to 22000Hz)
    - Unique scrollable control, press stop anytime to stop
    - Best app for better dog training
    - No Internet connection is required, in fact, no permission is required to run this app

    WARNING: Dog Whistle Pro works on humans as well as other animals such as cats, bear, it can be annoying to a lot of people, use it with care

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