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    This is a screen locker for us to lock the screen and unlock the screen. Come here to download this tool to save battery and protect your screen.


    Do you find that your device is power-off easily because of on-screen? Have you ever been troubled in exiting your playing game because of accidental touches? Are you fed up with traditional slide screen locker?

    Come here to download this screen locker to experience this doggy bone screen lock.


    There is a likable doggy here for us to feed.

    We can get date, time and day of week here to save troublesome of unlocking to check.

    We can get reminders of sound or vibration here.

    Full screen or status bar could be accessible to us to set in setting.

    There is a shortcut key for us to use in emergency.

    Come to download this screen locker to lock the screen and unlock the screen.


    1. Set reminder, full screen and shortcut key or not as you wish.

    2. Turn on this screen locker.

    3. When the screen turns off, it will run for us for free.

    4. Press power key to activate the locked screen.

    5. We can get a likable doggy, daily information here.

    6. Just slide the bone to the plate to feed the doggy and it will unlock the screen for us successfully.

    This screen locker is different from other traditional screen locker. It also adopts slide way but lend doggy feeding way. You will love it. This screen locker will save us battery, troublesome and time in daily life.

    If you are satisfied with this app, please give us 5 stars and share with your friends, if you have any problem, email us here.

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