Double Crossed Action Movie

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    About The Movie:
    Double Crossed takes viewers on a action packed thrill ride when 2 female assassins have 24 hours to track down $3,000,000 and kill their own boss in order to pay off his gambling debts, then save the life of a third partner being held hostage by a ruthless mob boss.

    ScreenMagic Records Presents 12 Hot Mixtape Tracks From The Original Motion Picture "Double Crossed"

    Music For Promotional Use Only.

    1. She's Outta Control (Trae Ireland)
    2. Cali Got Gun Play (E-Wil)
    3. Doing It Big (E-Wil & Rough Dogg)
    4. Snakeskin (E-Wil)
    5. Slap (E-Wil)
    6. Twistin Up A Philly (E-Wil & A.P.)
    7. Kush N Hennesy (E-Wil, Romaine, Mista)
    8. Kali Grinden (E-Wil)
    9. Hustle Up (E-Wil & Killa)
    10. Big Money (E-Wil)
    11. Mic Off (E-Wil & Mista. Me)
    12. Grinden (E-Wil)

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