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Dreaming, Sex

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    Oriental Sexy lady Movie.
    Chinese & English subtitles.

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    One day, a woman appears in Min-woo's dream as an obscure image. In the dream, Min-woo made love with the woman. Min-woo wants to find out who she is, but he can't. Furthermore, he is emotionally too busy to figure out the woman's identity. While Min-woo is living a dry routine, Yeon-Joo, his wife, have shown cold reaction. As a result, their marriage is suffering from the worsening conflict. Min-woo struggles to get over the situation, making his wife happy and writing his rèsumè again and again. Da-eun is a couple's friend from their university days. Accidentally, Da-eun saw Yeon-joo was going somewhere with other man and showed an affection for the guy. Having been involved in couple's serious problem, Da-eun is swept into lonely feeling. Min-woo tries to show a bright face for her, and Da-eun gets close to him and hold his hand. Eventually, they spend a dreamlike night together. The love that had been made in dream appears actually in front of their eyes.

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