Drive With Me for dodol pop




    @@@ To use dodol pop package, 'dodol pop' needs to be installed on your phone.

    When you want to breathe all your agony out…
    Don’t you want to go to the outskirts driving in a cool breeze, listening to your favorite radio station?

    Then, hop on now. We are about to rev up, vroom vroom!

    ** Items included in this package
    - 3 videos (for setting video ringtone & video alarm)
    - 3 ringtones
    - 3 sound effects for setting notification sound

    ※ To use dodol pop package, dodol pop needs to be installed on your phone.
    From fun ringtone, notification & alarm sound to Kakao Talk & SMS notification sound and video ring/ alarm!!
    Pimp up your phone with fun sound and video that dodol pop provides.

    ★★ How to use dodol pop Package ★★

    ▶ If dodol pop is uninstalled, search for “dodol pop” in Google Play to install the latest version of dodol pop.

    ▶Launch dodop pop and select “Package” menu, or touch the icon of downloaded package app and set video ringtone & SMS/ notification sound!

    ▶ Search for “dodol pop Package” on Google Play to experience more varied sound package.

    ▶ Please email us at for your inquiry/comment on creating new package.

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