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    Enchanted mirror

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    Control the game by revolutionary HEAD-MOTION! Now with improved real-time motion sensing!

    A device with FRONT CAMERA is required for this app to work properly!

    How to use:

    1. Look into the enchanted mirror and see your reflection. Hey, that is not you! It's a frog!
    2. "Kiss" the frog three times and it will turn into Princess Stella, King William or ... (see instructions on how to give a kiss)
    3. After the frog turns into a person break the mirror to release her/him.
    4. The rescued persons will take you to their castles where you might get a camera to take a nice photo of you two.

    The story

    An evil witch turned Princess Stella and King William into frogs and captured them in an enchanted mirror. You are the one that can help them. But wait, there is also someone else... Who is it? Rescue Princess Stella, King William and a secret person from the enchanted mirror.

    TIP: To rescue the secret person you must sequentially rescue Princess Stella and King William and then the secret person.

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