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    Amaze your friend with unbelievable psychic powers.

    ESP Transmitter was designed for psychic entertainers and magicians. ESP Transmitter allows you to perform several psychic effects, magic effects, and mind reading effects.

    Mind reading effect:
    The magician or psychic stands on stage in a theater. He is blindfolded. Anyone in the audience is asked to stand up and hold any object above their head so everyone except the magician or psychic can see it. The magician or psychic uses ESP to see the object in his mind’s eye and reveals it to the audience.

    This can be repeated with any spectator and any object as many times as you like.

    Your smart phone is placed in your pocket or any place that entertainer can feel the vibrations. Your stage manager or another audience member sees the object the spectator is holding above their head and sends a text message to the magician or psychic entertainer.

    Your phone will vibrate the message in Morse Code on. You simply read the code vibrations and reveal the object in your most magical or psychic way.

    How to start:
    • Go to settings.
    • Turn the Morse Code on.
    • Set the speed of the Morse Code on.
    • Place the phone in your pocket and you are ready to perform.
    • Have your stage manager or an audience member text a description of the object to your phone.

    If you do not know Morse Code on, you can simply have your assistant send you simple codes like a w for watch or a r for red. As you learn Morse Code on they can send you very complex messages.

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