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    Exciting Gunplay

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    Exciting Gunplay will take you into a gun training camp. It is a very interesting game app for android phone.

    Go and join us quickly.

    About this game:

    1. You can open this game by using fingerprint.

    2. Then you can begin your gun training. There are various types of guns. You can choose the type and model of your training guns before the game.

    3. Press Tutorial to know its operations:

    You can start training by pressing volume up. Fire up by pressing volume down and press Menu button to reload the gun.

    At the end of the game, it will show you a score.

    4. Two training modes. You can choose to shot still items or moving ones.

    If you want to get a high score, you¡¯d better keep your hand stable in the first training mode.

    In training two, target is moving and time is limited. If you want to get high score, you should move your hand and fire up ASAP.

    In a word, this is a great gun shooting game.

    Hope you will enjoy yourself.

    Welcome to download it from our website.

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