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    ********************* Face changer ******************

    Face changer is one of the best image editing app and it's completely free.Face changer is best app available for creating funny faces.Face changer has a variety of great funny objects for your photos.Choose from a variety of objects: Hairs, Goggles, Beard, Hats etc.
    Face changer lets you easily change faces in photos. Use Face changer to change your face, friends or change face in any image you find in the internet.
    It's easy to create funny pictures and caricatures, and easy to share them.


    * Smudge tool: make faces thin or fat, enlarge eyes or the nose. Make ears pointy, or extra wide. Make chin longer or smaller. Draw mouth edges up to down to create a smile or frown. Similar to Face Effects, Caricature Me or Photo Warp.
    * Draw tool: Draw on top on the picture. Use any color, and one of the multiple supplied brushes.
    * Zoom tool: pan and zoom for fine grained control on smaller areas.
    * Object tool: Paste an object on top of the photo. The app comes with many objects: glasses, eyes in multiple colors, funny noses, mouths, beards, scars, pimples and more. Use the multiple bald heads to make me bold, similar to bald booth. but with better control and more options.
    * Undo and redo
    * Share with email, Facebook, twitter and any other image sharing option you have on your device.
    * Save the modified photo to your gallery.

    *********How To Use********
    1. Choose a picture
    2. Choose the stickers you most like
    3. Resize the stickers with the fingers.
    4. See the funny results
    5. Save and share your amusing pictures with the world ;-)
    With this free app it is very easy to fake photos.
    Make your friends laugh! Create delightful images of your friends with just one tap!


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