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    You or one of your friends did something where you just can say: FAIL! ?

    With this app you are now able to give an appropriate sound to each situation!

    It gives you a big red Button (and a Homescreen Widget) that will play a fail sound when you press it.

    With this Fail Button you have always a little gimmick in your pocket to surprise the others!

    Funny Sounds (15+) in the Soundboard
    Homescreen Widget
    Button Animation
    Editable playing speed
    and much more!

    No Advertising!
    Smooth Speed Control (with slider)
    Set Sounds as Ringtone!
    Widget Size is scalable (when supported by your Launcher! (eg. GO Launcher EX, most of the ICS/JB Launchers)
    Instant Volume Changing (with slider)
    Volume is louder than in the free version!
    Enable Vibration (with smooth Vibration Duration!)
    Better looking and smoother Animations

    Try it out now!

    /Max Muth

    For Bug and Features Reports please don't use the comments since I'm not able to response there! ;-) You have my e-mail adress, feel free to contact me!

    Please honor my work, I am
    17 Years old, pupil, and have coded this in my spare freetime! You'll make my day brighter if you rate 5 Stars! If you have any problems, just write me an email, regular I will be able to answer it at the same day!

    Explanation of the permissions:
    The Internet-Permission is needed for the Google Advertise system.
    Without it I would not be able to give the Fail Button to you for free!
    No sensitive or even not-personal stuff is stored, analysised, given to third parties or whatever - your privacy is YOUR privacy!

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