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    Fake Address Finder

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    Turn on your cell phone GPS and find the surrounding hotel, parking lot and ATM and so on. Although you will get the fake address, it must be very interesting to fool friends.

    ++++++++++ Declaration +++++++++
    It is a fake app. Have fun!
    The app here is totally free.

    Drink coffee has been a part of our life. Sometimes we just drink it unintentionally. So, it is boring that we cannot find a coffee shop nearby. But there are some fixed coffee shops in this app. Wish you happy with this fake app.

    *Use GPS
    *Show the address on the map
    *Look for the surrounding coffee shop and so on

    Using steps:
    Open this app and you will find four parts inside, parking lot, cafes, hotels and ATM. Which one do you want to look for now? Click it to enter in.
    For instance, I want to have some coffee. So I need to click the option of coffee in the main interface. And then the five default coffee shops will appear on the screen. Choose the one I liked to see the address on the map. The address of target coffee shop and yours display on the map with purple and green icons.
    You want to find a hotel rather than a coffee shop? The steps are similar, just choose the hotel option at very first.

    Of course the addresses and the map are fake, and the address for each place in this app is random. But you can use this app as a prank tool. Make a good use of it, maybe it helps in your friendship.
    Last but not least, if you want to support this app, give it five stars! Thank you!