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    Published: 2015-02-24, by .

    Fake call lets you create fake incoming, outgoing and missed calls.

    • Easy to use
    • Missing some features
    • Screen doesn't turn off

    "Create custom fake calls"


    This app is a simple, functional fake call app, that lets you create incoming, outgoing, and missed fake calls. IT lets you customize a lot of details, although it is missing some features, such as scheduling calls.


    The app is easy to use, providing all of the call customization on one page. It lets you record messages to play on the other end of the call, create the contact the call is coming from, and several other things.


    It does seem to be missing some features that would be nice however. A major one is the ability to schedule calls - you hit create call and it starts right there from the app. As well as that, the screen doesn't turn off when you put the phone to your ear.

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    by Oliver

    Feb 24, 2015


    Fake call is a fantastic app which allow you to trick your friends and your family in many ways :
    - Want to get out of awkward situations ?
    - Want to trick your friends ?
    - Want to get a serious alibi for a specific moment ?

    ☆ Features :
    - Choose your call screen
    - Choose the type of contact/message ( Incoming, outgoing, missed )
    - Choose your contact or use the unknown contact ( name, phone number, image )
    - Add your own conversations ( record a conversation and it will be played during the call )
    - Choose the right moment ( specific time in future, specific date in future, manual activation )
    - Choose the type of activation ( Proximity sensor, turn the phone, shake the phone )
    - Choose your ringtone
    - Insert the call in the call history
    - Insert the message in the inbox (prior to Android 4.4)
    - Help screen
    - Specify a max time for ringing
    - Enable/disable vibration
    - Specify a call duration for outgoing calls
    - Enable/disable notifications for missed call / messages

    Many features will be included in next versions.
    Please send us any suggestion that could improve this app.

    If you want us to add a call screen, please send us screenshots of both incoming call screen and calling screen.

    Enjoy !

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    ☆ CAUTION : This is not a communication tool. 
    You can not send or receive real calls from or to someone else.
    You can not send or receive real messages from or to someone else.

    ☆ About permissions :
    - RECORD_AUDIO, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : used for the storage of call conversations
    - READ_CONTACTS, WRITE_CONTACTS : used for getting contact informations
    - WAKE_LOCK : disable the auto screen lock ( annoying too much users )
    - VIBRATE, DISABLE_KEYGUARD : used for the call

    ☆ Personal information :
    Please be aware that we may retrieve and share some of your personal information for but not limited to :
    - debugging purpose (crash reports)
    - analysis (of your use of our apps & services)
    - display ads (we use the anonymous advertising ID)

    Please read the privacy policy here :

    By downloading this app, you agree with the Therms and Conditions that you can read here :

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