Fake Crack

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    Fake Crack (The safest way to crack your screen!)

    Trick your friends and entertain yourself by making it look like your screen is cracked! Download Fake Crack and discover how much fun, jokes, and hijinx can be had by faking the breaking of the screen – that is, as long as it’s only a digital illusion conjured up by this app!

    Fake Crack is a simple app that provides users with the simulated effect of cracking your screen, just as its title implies. The application includes unique crack illustrations complete with different corresponding sound effects. These digital cracks and faux screen backgrounds are meticulously rendered with life-like detail, while breaking sounds are crisp and believable.

    This is the perfect app for users that want to vent their personal frustrations in a way that won’t cost them their iPhone, and it’s a great prop to use when playing jokes on friends too. To see the app in action users can either tap on their screen or just shake their mobile device. Two distinct types of cracks – single cracks and progressively expanding cracks – are featured and at the users disposal as well. To help with jokes users can set a time delay on Fake Crack, hand their phone off to a friend, and just sit back and wait for the app to do its thing – not to mention your unsuspecting victim’s response!

    App Features:

    • Crack action via single touch or device motion
    • Crack effect initiation time delay options
    • 2 Unique crack categories: Single & Progressive
    • Original “cracking glass” sound effects included

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