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    Fake IQ Tester is an (FAKE) intelligence quotient tester for free! If you what to play jokes with others' IQ, it will be your best help tool! All result (IQ score) are given randomly!
    This free app used on android market lets others believe its facility. For it connected with Fingerprint! As we all know different fingerprint means different fate life. Now this app allow one get the IQ score according to their fingerprint!
    You can cheat others: Lily (or others), do you what to know your detail IQ score? Let's test it with my mobile phone! Then open this app and get testing result. If the result score is low. You can play jokes: Oh, your mind is a silly one, hahaha...At last, you can tell him/her the truth that it is a fake app and the result is false too. You are just joking them!!!

    1. Totally free IQ tester app for android mobile phone.
    2. Used for entertainment and play jokes with your friends.
    3. According to their different reflection, you will fell interesting and happily!
    4. It is easy to manage.
    5. Use fingerprint testing can make this app has a "realistic" appearence.
    6. It has a quick IQ testing speed.
    7. Test result:
    Test score; best match picture; short text explanation.

    How to Use?
    Place your finger on the fingerprints area, and do not move your finger.
    Fiver seconds latter, it will make a prompt (the progress bar will tell you the testing progress).

    Free app has icon and notification ads added.
    You can send me email if you have any question.
    This app really is an interesting one and will offer you happiness in daily life. Don't you think the surprise expression of your friends when they see a low IQ score? Download it now and please do not forget offer fiver stars after downloading!

    Knowledge about IQ score:
    IQ scores are used as predictors of the educational achievement, special needs, job performance and also the income. They are also used to study IQ distributions in populations and the correlations between IQ and many other variables. The average IQ scores for some populations have been rising at an average rate of three points per decade since the early 20th century, a phenomenon known as the Flynn effect. It is disputed whether these changes in scores reflect real changes in the intellectual abilities.

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