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    Published: 2016-08-26, by .

    Far Cry 3 Outpost is a useful companion app for the actual game

    • Runs smoothly
    • Very easy to use
    • International language support
    • Dull UI
    • Must have uPlay account with Far Cry 3 data

    "Sync your Far Cry 3 data"


    Made for gamers who do happen to have Far Cry 3 installed, Far Cry 3 Outpost allows you to connect to your uPlay account and choose which version of the game you have, whether it’s the PC, Xbox, or PlayStation versions. From there, you have several options to choose from like decode encrypted data, playing The Grid so you can unlock new encrypted data sources to decode, daily and weekly Challenges, your own Stats, and even your own Maps.


    Far Cry 3 Outpost runs very smoothly, and connects well to your uPlay account. There’s also international language support.


    You must have a compatible uPlay account with the actual game in your account for this app to work. The actual UI is very plain.

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    Daniel Adrian Sanchez

    by Daniel Adrian Sanchez

    Aug 26, 2016


    Far Cry 3 Outpost
    “Friends Matter”

    Join your friends and get ahead in the game with the Far Cry 3 mobile app for multiplayer and co-op. Earn advanced weapon mods for your favorite guns and customize your loadouts on the go! The next time you jump into a multiplayer match or co-op chapter, you’ll be ready to play.

    - Decode the encrypted data you find in-game to unlock advanced weapon mods and earn bonus XP. Don’t wait until you’re playing the game to start decoding. Instead, decode on the go! Once you unlock a weapon mod, you can accept it, give it to one of your friends or sell it for more XP straight from your phone.
    - Play The Grid to unlock new encrypted data sources to decode, even while away from the game!
    - View and customize your loadouts so that you’re ready to play once you’re back in the game.
    - Keep track of your progress through the Daily and Weekly Challenges. Completing these challenges will earn you XP.
    - Check out your personal stats and the stats of your friends, including time played, level, top weapons, awards and more.
    - Keep track of the maps you’ve made in the Map Editor. You can follow the current tier placements and how many people have liked or favorited your maps.

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