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    Do you want to drive a fighter to shoot one target? Fighter Show not only can show you many fighters some of which have joined in the World War Two, but also can let you experience them.

    This is a game. If you often play games, you must think that this game is very easy. However, this game’s operation is very special.

    1. You know that there are two kinds of score. The first one is that acceleration score, which is based on the acceleration of your mobile phone. The second score is the shooting score, which you need to press the volume key to shoot a bullet.

    2. There is another important function of this game which in a way can be your teacher. If you are a fun of military and you love fighter. You must want to know more these different fighters which come from America, China, Soviet Union and Britain.

    3. You have to move your mobile phone as hard as possible so that your mobile phone will get a quick acceleration, then the acceleration score will be high. The shooting score is according to the stable rate, that is, when you press the volume key button, the more stable your mobile phone is, the higher shooting score is.

    4. There is a button which is called WEAPONS. After you touch this buttons, it will connect the internet. You know that this button appears in each fighter’s menu. Therefore, you can get the detailed information of each fighter.

    5. After it connects the internet, you will see the information of the current fighter. This information is mainly from WIKI, so it is very detailed and true. If you read the information in detail, I believe that you can master the main common knowledge of fighters, and you will be a master of fighter in your friends.

    6. This is a game but it also can tell you a lot of knowledge. If you think the knowledge is good, please give five stars to the game to support it. In a way, this game not perfect, so I hope you can give me your advice to make it better and better.

    Fighter Show is a 100% free shooting game and you can play it without taking money. Knowing more common knowledge is better. The military knowledge is needed in today.

    The Second World War featured fighter combat on a bigger scale than any other conflict to date. German Field Marshal Erwin noted the effect of airpower: "Anyone who has to fight, with the most modern weapons, against an enemy in complete command of the air, fights just like a savage against modern European troops, under the same handicaps and with the same chances of success." During the conflict, fighters performed their conventional role in establishing air superiority through combat with all other fighters and through bomber interception, and a lot of fighters were also forced into service in additional roles such as tactical air support and reconnaissance.

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