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    The application contains a collection of the best domestic filmstrips based on well-known fairy tales and stories that have become classics.

    Drawn and puppetry, color and black and white filmstrip of these worked the best editors, writers, artists and operators of the 20th century in our country. On the filmstrip grew more than one generation, but now get closer to childhood and plunge into the fantastic world of this is possible without using a projector.

    There are currently 81 available filmstrip:

    Gingerbread House
    The Scarlet Flower
    Ala, and the letter A. Klyaksich 2 parts
    Click White
    Bull - the black flank, white hooves
    Gargantua and Pantagruel. 2 parts
    Lady Snowstorm
    Gulliver in Lilliput (1966)
    Gulliver in Lilliput (1989)
    The evil sorceress Bastinda
    From the Life of Don Quixote de la Mancha. Part 1
    From the Life of Don Quixote de la Mancha. Part 2
    Dwarf Nose
    Puss in Boots (1965)
    Puss in Boots (color)
    Puss in Boots (black and white)
    Crocodile Gena and his friends
    Little Raccoon and the one who sits in a pond
    Pitcher with gold
    Little Baba-Yaga (Part 1)
    Little Baba-Yaga (Part 2)
    Little Mook (1965)
    Little Mook (1981)
    Tom Thumb
    Mother to baby mammoth
    Mother's Day
    Paddington Bear by the Sea
    Jack Frost
    Moomin Troll in the jungle
    Moomin and the Comet
    Coupling, and Polbotinka Moss Beard (Part 1)
    Coupling, and Polbotinka Moss Beard (Part 2)
    The new outfit King
    On a naughty leg
    Treasure Island (Part 1)
    Treasure Island (Part 2)
    Shepherd, where thousands of birds pass
    A motley band
    The Adventures of Pinocchio (Part 1)
    The Adventures of Pinocchio (Part 2)
    Adventures of a prehistoric boy
    Adventure of Emile Lenneberg, or as Emil hit his head in the tureen
    The Prince and the Pauper (Part 1)
    The Prince and the Pauper (Part 2
    The Princess and the Pea
    Pranks brother Rabbit
    Journey to the Land of the Apes (Aibolit Doctor and his animals Part 1)
    Monkey Journey to the country (in Africa Part 2)
    Tiki Tavi Rica
    Robin Hood
    Sister and brother Alyonushka Ivanushka
    Tale of the Priest and His Workman Balda
    Tale of the three pirates
    Tales of Uncle Remus
    Tar bull
    The Snow Queen
    Union of red
    The Steadfast Tin Soldier
    Lucky Hans
    Urfin Jus and his Wooden Soldiers
    > The Caliph-Stork
    Princess Frog
    Chippolino (Part 1)
    Chippolino (Part 2)
    Ravens Ut-Rest
    Two rogue
    Captain Ting Tinych (Part 1)
    Captain Ting Tinych (Part 2)

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