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    Final Fanatics is a fan made collection of Final Fantasy resources that will, once complete, cover all aspects of the Final Fantasy series.

    Only put 5 songs in, i will change them from time to time, didn't want to make the app too big for some users to download.. If there is a particular song/theme from a FF game you would like to see in the app, let us know..

    Sorry for the lack of updates again lately.. The computer I use to work on the app has died, I have managed to get the data off the hard drive for Final Fanatics, but am in need of a new computer before I can carry on working on the app.. As soon as I have enough spare cash to get a new one, I will get back into it...
    If you would like to help speed this up, you could make a small donation via PayPal to:
    Please dont donate if you cant afford it, it is just an option to help speed thing along with the app :)

    This is a BETA version to get response and suggestions for the full release.. And is therefore incomplete..

    It currently has a basic walkthrough for Final Fantasy I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X and XIII
    X-2, XII (on in rough format)

    NEW - Final Fantasy 7 Walkthrough (much better than the old one)

    Walkthrough for XIII-2, and guides for XI and XIV
    coming soon..
    Followed by walkthroughs for the games such as:
    Dirge of Cerberus, Crystal Chronicles etc..

    If you have any walkthroughs you would like to share with the FF
    Community, please email them to us and we will put them on the app..
    Authors will be given credit for their work within the app, and we will try our best to leave it as written..

    We are working hard to finish the rest, please give us your feedback, bear in mind this is just a basic test of the app while we prepare for the full release...

    The Full Version, will include full bestiary's(monster lists), multiple walkthroughs for each game, all the mini games such as tetra master, blitzball.. Side-Quests, etc..
    Basically everything you will ever need for Final Fantasy..
    In your pocket!

    Please send e-mails to

    Final Fantasy™ is a registered trademark of Square-Enix ©
    G4Gaming is in no way associated with Square-Enix © 2012, or its affiliates. All the info in this guide is made by fans, and has been either taken from public sources on the internet, and/or has been donated to us for use on this app..

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