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    ★ Look! My phone

    If you lost your cell phone, you will contact the Customer Center. At this time, do not know the exact location and information. The location of your cell phone so that you know exactly who to help application is made​​.

    You have lost your mobile phone. So with your mobile phone text messages (SMS) Send!

    1) at the location of your phone to take photos will be sent to the specified email.
    2) the location of your phone on the loudest siren sound.
    3) the location of your phone a text message (SMS) will be sent to.

    ★ Key Features
    1) You can specify a password for the application.
    2) the location of the phone to take pictures in the e-mail can be sent to the specified.
    3) the location of the phone will ring at the sound of sirens.
    4) the location of the phone (GPS) information, text messages (SMS) can be sent.

    ★ How to use
    1) must specify the matching code in the application. (Eg, matching code 'GoGo')
    2) Photos response, sound, response, and position response, the overall response for each matching feature code must be specified.
    3) Auto-Answer feature is set to ON.
    4) using a friend's phone, "Matching code # code matching function", type in the phone to send an SMS.
    (Eg, matching code 'GoGo' position response and matching code 'c' Assuming, SMS text, the 'GoGo # c' to send)
    5) your friend's phone to receive information from my phone. My phone's SMS location information received, press
    6) My phone's SMS location information can be seen on the map.

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