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    Select text for instant movie search results!

    "All in all, an excellent Android app!" (Droid App of the Day)

    Do you find it annoying to read movie reviews, blogs, schedules etc. that do not provide a link to a movie database like TMDB or IMDB?

    With Find This Movie you simply paint the movie name and launch a movie search with just a few taps!

    Getting Started:

    1. Install "Find This Movie"
    2. Select text in almost any app (e.g. web browser).
    3. Tap "Share".
    4. Tap "Find This Movie".
    5. Search results appear!

    Find This Movie contains also these great features:

    - TMDB score is displayed if available
    - Direct links to TMDB and IMDB
    - Manual search
    - Search history (can be refreshed and erased)


    - The search engine and data is provided by
    - Text share feature is required to share text from an app. Many apps have it, but some don't. You can still use the manual search, however.
    - IMDb links are available for most but not all titles.

    This app is ad-supported.

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