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    Scan your fingerprint to unlock the screen. This is a fingerprint screen locker for Android users. With this tool, we can lock and unlock the screen for free.


    Supports to lock the screen with fingerprint scanner

    Enable to unlock the screen by passing fingerprint test

    Show us date, time and day of week

    Supply us with a new experience of unlocking

    Totally free for Android users

    Simple to use and easy to unlock for Android mobiles and tablets

    Allows reminding us of ringtone or sound


    1. Set in advance reminders of sound or vibration here.

    We can get reminder of unlocking the screen if we set in setting.

    2. Turn on this screen locker and it will start to run for us.

    3. When your screen turns off and you want to play with your Android device, you need to unlock the screen.

    4. Press power key to activate the screen to get daily information, such as day of week, date and time.

    5. Just put your finger in the scanner for a while and it will analyze your fingerprint.

    6. After a while, you can unlock the screen with reminders here for free.

    This screen locker may rely on fingerprint scanner here. It will give us some difference and new in the process of unlocking the screen, come here to download it now for free. You will love it.

    If you are satisfied with this app, please give us 5 stars and share with your friends, if you have any problem, email us here.

    Impressions of fingerprints could be left behind on a surface by the natural secretions of sweat from the eccrine glands that are present in friction ridge skin, or they could be made by ink or other substances transferred from the peaks of friction ridges on the skin to a relatively smooth surface such as a fingerprint card. Fingerprint records normally may contain impressions from the pad on the last joint of fingers and thumbs, although fingerprint cards also typically can record portions of lower joint areas of the fingers.

    Since the early 20th century, fingerprint detection and analysis might have been one of the most common and important forms of crime scene forensic investigation. More crimes may have been solved with fingerprint evidence than for any other reason.

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