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    FireVisions offers a unique and magical experience of an open fireplace.

    Right in the front of the fire, visions appear as pictures of landscapes and sceneries. Watch these visions come and go and let them revive memories, wishes, and create thougths within you. Let them take you away for some time...

    Both the endlessly looping video of an open fire as well as the pictures are provided in 720p resolution. This makes Firevisions also look good on tablets and on large screens such as TV sets.

    Relax, possibly together with your guests at home, in a hotel or another place, with the help of this unique experience.

    This app has been tested on several devices. We are, however, grateful for letting us know any issues you might encounter. We also appreciate your ideas for future versions.

    Of course, FireVisions also offers the option of just watching the fire...

    Touch the screen to access the options.