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    This application will be the best portable tools for your favorite hobby. It is a database that it contains an extensive collection of fish and plants, together with a module of maintenance of aquariums with which you will be able take control of your repairs and substitutions, your records of cleanliness and readings parameters. Also, you can create a virtual aquarium in your mobile with the new inhabitants and the falls of your real aquarium. In addition, it contains a series of diverse indispensable usefulness for you aquarium as calculator of additives, consumptions, minimal requirements, compatibilities …, presented across an elegant and simple graphical interface. With it you will have sufficient resources to take decisions when you want introducing a new species inside a community aquarium, to evaluate the comfort of the residents of the same one, to manage your aquarium at any time … You will be able to take it always with you.


    A BASIC STRUCTURED INFORMATION: In the application you will be able to find the key data of comfort of every species such as the PH and recommended GH... to throughout a fast and intuitive form, together with an image of the same one.

    A RELEVANT INFORMATION: This database possesses more than 203.500 characters and 35.535 words which are about the Description, Food and Compatibility of/with every species, substratum (plants)…. All the last mentioned piece of information is classified following an ideal way in order to you could have access to it through a fast and effective way.

    ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: If you do not have sufficiently with the previous essential information, the database will be also concerned directly with the engine of Google's searches, where you will be able to consult infinity of images of every species and information with the only touch of a button.

    SEARCHES AND FILTERS: This application offers the possibility of searching species according to its common name, scientific name, family, PH and advisable GH due to it is considered an excellent database; it is also recommended in the analysis of the range of ideal temperatures of every species.

    COMPATIBILITIES: The application allows search of compatible species as be the characteristics of the water of our aquarium: Ph, Gh, Temperature and Ph+Gh. Obtaining of rapid and precise form a list of the species that adapt to the same ones better. In addition also he meditates great and very varied information of compatibility between different species depending on his age, epoch …

    CALCULATOR: It is a calculator specially orientated to the lovers of this hobby. With its you can do your accounts with regard to the equipment of your aquarium: volume in liters and gallons of the same one according to his dimensions, lighting recommended in lumens, power of the heater, of the filter... In addition, also it allows us to estimate the electrical monthly expense of our aquarium in relation at the hours of ignition. As for the water, the application possesses also different test that they will indicate us the type of water that we have (according to Ph and Gh) and also to calculate the quantity of additives that we have to spill according to the liters that we change. Finally it includes tables on the C02 recommended in relation to the characteristics of the hardness and Ph of the water.

    MAINTENANCE: It is an interactive module that allows you to create your own aquariums in the mobile with all its characteristics and to take a control of the same one. You will be able to register every reading of parameters that you realize changes of water, cleanliness … Also, you can register new inhabitants and falls and, you can record all this in a history.

    EXPORT PDF: Finally, you will be able to transfer the configurations of your aquarium of the isolated maintenance to a file .pdf in order that you could visualize or it share for Whatsapp, E-mail, Bluetooth … with other lovers of this hobby or in specific forums it.

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