Flags of the World

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    Over 250 flags of the world are included in this beautiful live wallpaper. This live wallpaper will make your home screen very colorful and interesting!

    There are lots of settings for you to tailor this live wallpaper to your exact taste:
    - Select to just show your favorite world flag
    - Select how many world flags you want on your home screen at one time
    - Select the flow direction of the world flags
    - Select how long the world flags remain on-screen
    - Adjust the speed of the world flags
    - Choose to have the flags rotate at random
    - Choose to have the flags drawn with a random size
    - Choose the precise background color you desire with the color chooser

    Note: some phone hardware will notice lag if the 'Flow time' parameter is set to high. This may also happen if the 'Number of flags' setting is too high. Simply adjust those settings to a lower level if this occurs.

    To install the live wallpaper, press Menu > Wallpaper > Live wallpapers > Flags of the World

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