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    Angry over buying Scratch tickets that have no chance of winning? This app provides the latest Scratch ticket information for the Florida lottery. When you want to buy a scratch ticket, this app will help you make an informed decision. It quickly gathers all the current info on Fl scratch Tickets and sorts them the way you want. It keeps you from buying scratch tickets that have just a few winners left. You can even bring up a big picture of the ticket to show to the clerk! A must have to get the best odds! All for less than a $3 dollar ticket!

    Florida only reports the top prizes of each scratch ticket left, so there will be only one entry per ticket to decide from.

    *** Now reports odds of each prize from each ticket! ***

    *** NOTE ***
    The first time you run this app (and every time you clear the cache) the app will download the pictures of the games you are viewing. Its best to select "All Games" on the main screen to get and cache the pictures of all games. This may take a minute or two, but once the pictures are cached, the app runs pretty fast.

    ** The Free Version only displays 1/2 the tickets**
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