FMFinderLite helps you find radio stations near your current location. Do you listen to FM radio while on the road? Do you like to listen to radio in places you travel, but you have to search the dial because you are unfamiliar with the area? FMFinderLite can help.

    Using the cellular network or the GPS in your phone, FMFinderLite shows you a list of radio stations that are within a configurable radius of your current location. The application includes an up-to-date database of over 10,000 US FM radio stations. Using a highly optimized algorithm, FMFinderLite can search through its complete database in milliseconds to provide you with stations for your listening pleasure.

    For now, the database DOES NOT include station format information and is currently only accurate for FM stations in the US. Future versions will include AM stations, station format information, as well as a global station directory. This application DOES NOT allow you to listen to stations or Internet radio. It only provides a list of stations and their frequencies so that you can tune your radio listening device.

    FMFinderLite is offered as a free, adware supported application. Later versions will allow for the purchase of an ad-free version for a modest fee.

    FMFinderLite uses Android device permissions in the following way:

    INTERNET - This permission is required for the ad engine (this is what makes the app free) and the Station Map view.

    RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED - The application has a setting that allows the user to enable notifications when new stations are available. You will see a notification in the device's notification window when the service is enabled for background operation. This permission allows the service to start at boot.

    ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - The application uses this permission to be notified when the network connection state changes. When no internet service is available, the device will show the GPS or cached position.

    ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION / ACCESS_COURSE_LOCATION - The application uses these permissions to enable use of the GPS or Network position information. This allows the application to filter the station list based on settings. You can enable or disable network or GPS use in the application settings.

    WAKE_LOCK - The application uses this in conjunction with the Alarm Manager to update the GPS or network position based on the user selected update interval. Use of the Alarm Manager is more power efficient than just turning on the GPS and leaving it on.

    WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - The application has a user defined preference that allows it to write logging information to a text file. The text file is located on the SDCard mount point for easy access. To write to the SDCard, this permission is required. You can enable or disable logging in the user preferences panel.

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