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    Here are some fun facts and football game tickets that we buy and sell to. There are several rivalries in pro football that get fans very excited on football Sunday. Take for instance in New York the cross town rival Giants and Jets, they are always jockeying for the label of best football team in NYC. It doesn't stop what's going on in Washington and Dallas as either the Cowboys and Redskins have been fighting it out on the gridiron for many decades and we have the best seats in the house. Travel across country to San Francisco or Oakland and you will encounter the 49ers and Raiders two teams that year after year try and out duel each other, but the Seahawks and Chargers are not far behind as fan in Seattle and San Diego are happy there teams are doing well. Let’s move to the sunshine state where Miami, Jacksonville and Tampa bay some of the best football is played in the league every Sunday. The Buccaneers and Jaguars are always trying to chase the Dolphins, the only undefeated team to win the big game in football history. Although the Patriots came close up in New England 2008. In some sunshine states like Arizona, Texas, Houston, Atlanta, Tennessee and maybe Carolina and west coast offer comfortable playing conditions. True football fans know that frigid temperatures are a true test of every football player. Green bay, Buffalo, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Philadelphia, Cincinnati and Kansas City are some of the coldest playing stadiums. Many may remember the game in 1981 between the Raiders and Browns when the wind chill was minus 40 degrees, not this football. Now we have indoor stadiums in city like St. Louis, Detroit, Minnesota, New Orleans and Indianapolis. As we embark upon a new season every team will be gunning to overtake the reigning champion Ravens. It may be hard for the Baltimore to repeat but thirty one other teams have the same goal in mind to be super and make it to the playoff. The Bengals, Falcons, Titans, Vikings, Lions, Colts, Cardinals, Rams, Eagles, Texans, Broncos, Bills, Browns, Saints, Steelers, Raiders, Panthers, Chiefs, Packers, Eagles, Bucs and the Bears are on the field every Sunday trying to be crowned best team in football and make it the National Bowl game. All our cheap Tickets, Suites, Luxury Boxes and Parking Passes come with our 100% guarantee.