This application helps your cat make up for a lack of regular activity and get rid of stress.
    The enriched five game modes; he/she can challenge the score attack, you can let him/her play the game for a predetermined amount of time, and so on.
    You can play with him/her when the play screen is output to a display (such as TV).

    The player sometimes gets the cat's various hairballs during this game.
    Let's get all hairballs!

    [About Game Mode]
    1. Mouse Chase - Score Attack
    This is a mode to compete in terms of how much score he/she earned in 60 seconds. The score will be added every time to catch a mouse moving around.
    He/She can earn a high score when catch a mouse moving.

    2. Mouse Chase - Endless
    This is a mode to keep playing with no time limit. He/She can catch a mouse moving around as many times as he/she likes.

    3. Mouse Chase - Timer Mode
    This is a mode to catch a mouse moving around within the time limit.
    You can specify the time limit from 1 to 60 minutes.
    Utilize this mode for your own convenience. You can let him/her keep playing the game for a predetermined amount of time.

    4. Junk
    This is a mode to enable intriguing sound and animation effects for cats.
    When touch the trash that flies on the screen, sound and animation effects will be played (such as the sound of opening a can, bouncing fish, and so on).

    5. Laser pointer
    The laser pointer appears in the place where you are touching. (on the screen)
    This is a mode for output to the display (such as TV, PC monitor) and you can play with him/her.

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