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    Free Gunpowder is not only a show of different heavy weapons, but also can let you experience them. These famous weapons from the World War Two will be very attractive and you must want to try them.

    Free Gunpowder can let you know more information of the most advanced heavy weapons. Besides, it can exercise your body because you need to use your force to get a high score.


    You can choose a fighter, a tank or a battleship as you like to drive. You will know that there are so many different heavy weapons so that you can try them one after one.

    You need try your best to move your mobile phone quickly, then your mobile phone will get a acceleration speed, right? The system will give you a score according to the acceleration. The shooting way is rather simple. You just press the volume key and then a bullet will be launched. Don’t forget to open the media sound to feel the burst sound. The system will give you a shooting score after a shooting. It is not easy that the acceleration and shoot get high scores in one round.

    If you want to know more information of these weapons, you can touch the INSTRUCTION to get more detail. This function connects to the internet. Therefore, any detailed information you can get.

    Download this free application Free Gunpowder here on Android devices!

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