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    Face with so many functional notepad, you may be interested in this simple notepad with such a simple design. With this free application, you can just add your notes with your Android notepad.

    Hurrying your feet to so much business, you must be crazy about your absent-minded habit. Our app is an efficient time management app for those of us who believe time is precious.


    Simple design is the main feature in this application.

    This notepad is totally free for you.

    This application is suitable for mobile phones and tablets.

    It supports to edit, delete for you.


    This application offers you 4 parts to manage your notes taking here. You can add a new note in part 2 here. You can add a tile and the content as you wish. Once you have finished your note, you can press menu key to choose to save or cancel. In this way, you can see a list of notes you added in part 1 view notes. You can click one note and continue to edit again. In this part 2, when you press the menu key, you can also get access to operations of new note, new folder and parent folder.

    In order to make a better user experience, you can get access to more preferences in part 3. You can sort code and sort direction. Specify the sort code of notes and category by name, modification date or creation name. A s for sort direction, you can specify the sort direction of notes and category by ascending or descending.

    Simply put, it’s a document where you record what you’re doing throughout the day in as much detail as is reasonably possible. The more detail you can add, the more useful this will all be. This app is not just planning where you want to be and when. Maintaining a note is a way of tracking what you did and when.

    Download this free application Free Notebook here for free! Have fun! You can give us 5 stars if you like this free application and you can also share this free application with your friends. If you have a feature request, let me know and I am easily contactable via email. Please don't just give me a 1 star rating and go away.