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    Life’s short – make fun of it!

    Humor has been described as surprise, without threat or promise. It is when an expected future is replaced with an unexpected future. The more unexpected the event or action, the more humorous we find it. And when something is humorous, we laugh or smile. Why is this important? Actually, it’s not but every Android application has a "product" description so we had to fill this in with something…

    Funny Grins – thousands of funny jokes, outlandish pictures, hilarious videos, and other zany stuff guaranteed to tickle your funny bone. Jokes and stories are grouped by category or topic (there are several hundred topics to choose from).

    Select a category (or topic) to view jokes for that category. Example categories include animals and wildlife, attorney jokes, blonde jokes, employment, children’s and kids jokes (including jokes for kids and jokes about kids), knock knock jokes, death and dying, elderly, government and politics, medical, jokes about men, jokes about women, poetry and limericks (clean and dirty), one lines, snappy comebacks, religion, sex (fairly clean), top 10 lists, and much more. Other items guaranteed to tickle your funny bone include funny social networking (side-splitting Facebook posts and Twitter updates), crazy signs and billboards, hilarious pictures and videos, oddball news stories, and more.

    The Free version of Funny Bones Jokepedia is a full function ad supported version of Funny Grins Jokepedia. In the Free version, jokes are limited to 10 jokes per category but don’t worry, there are still hundreds of jokes to keep you laughing. Download the Pro version to access funny pictures, video, signs and billboards, and all the newest jokes and funny content the very day they are released and before they are made available to the Free version (new content is made available to Free version holders after a archive period has expired).

    Note: Jokes and other content are released real-time and downloaded automatically on your Funny Grins application the day they are released (Pro version only). No upgrades are required to access new content.

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