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    Funny Photo Doodle

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    Make pictures funnier by drawing on your friend’s photo!

    Love or hate someone?
    Convey the message with pictures and drawing.
    You want to make it funnier?
    It's so easy with Funny Photo Doodle.

    Create art photos fast and easily!
    Beautify the picture with your fingers or apply several effects.

    Color your old black & white photos.
    Everyone can be an artist!

    1. You can set the panel by MANIPULATE MODE.
    2. LINE MODE and DRAW MODE also depend on your choices.

    Then you can paint your painting with this tool as you wish.
    3. Want to edit something words on your painting?

    You can get access to TYPE MODE.

    When you select this mode, you can touch your painting and a text content is waiting for you!
    4. In the process of painting, you can erase anywhere you are unsatisfied by ERASER.
    5. If you want to doodle on a photo, you can ADD IMAGE in MENU.

    You can choose one type from BUILT-IN RAGE FACES and OTHER SOURCE.

    You also can select layer for your image.
    6. Want to manage your image?

    OBJECT MENU in MENU is also help you to draw a perfect painting.

    You can flip, remove and lock it.
    7. There are more options for you in SETTING.

    You can draw grid, set panel count and set format and so on.
    8. In case you may have to end your painting time, you can save it or make it a draft.
    9. Once you have done your drawing, you can share your painting with your friends.

    Use your creativity and available tools to create funny drawings.

    Save your files directly into your phone and show your friends.

    Download Funny Photo Doodle for free now!!
    Any problem if it exists, tell me, please.

    Have fun!

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