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    Funny Ringtones has large collection of high quality Funny Ringtones for any occasion. You can set any of the funny ringtone as :
    1. Phone Ringtone (Have funny voices as ringtone is always fun)
    2. Contact Ringtone (When you girl friend calls have the funny girl friend ringtone).
    3. Message Ringtone (Have a russian call you out Message in russian accent).
    4. Alarm Ringtone (Wake up to funny voices in the morning).

    Funny Ringtones and Awesome funny SMS ringtones bring funny side of you whether you are in public or with friends.
    Here are some of the funny ringtones include that can be set as Funny Alarm or Funny SMS ringtone:

    1. Attention… Attention… Some idiot is calling.
    2. This phone will self-destruct in 5… 4… 3… 2…
    3. Hey handsome, Pick up the phone.
    4. Hey dear, it’s time to pick me up now.
    5. Hi, this is a courtesy call to let you know we’ve finished washing your Corvette.
    6. Somebody answer me, somebody answer me… (more and more desperate and loud)
    7. Okay bro, I got the money, do you got the goods?
    8. I’m alive… I’M ALIVE!!!!
    9. RING… RING… RING (spoken by a man)
    10. Psst! I have something very important to tell you (in a Russian accent)
    11. I really want to touch your face. (Funny voice yelling)
    12. Its your wife calling.
    13. Its your husband calling.
    14. Its your Boy Friend calling.
    15. Its your girl friend calling.
    16. Its your stalker calling.
    17. 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1.. Pickup (Should pickup).
    18. Excuse me boss, you have a Phone Call.
    19. Excuse me boss, you have a message.
    20. Excuse me darling, you have a Phone Call.
    21. Excuse me darling, you have a message.
    22. Phone Call (slowly dragging the words)
    23. Message (slowly dragging the word)
    24. Anyone there? Hello.... Hello...
    25. Help!! Help!! I am a factory worker from China stuck in Phone.

    Funny Ringtones bring funny side of you to people. It would be awesome to receive a funny ringtone while with people?

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