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    Published: 2013-12-09, by Manu Galvez.

    Furby by Hasbro Inc. is the official Furby's companion app

    • Kids-friendly UI
    • Original
    • Amount of features
    • Sound quality
    • Just a few devices supported (check dev's description)
    • Some Force Closes reported (Nexus 7)

    "Get to know your Furby better"

    Did you (or your children) get a Furby? This app helps you make the most of it. Having a Furby is already awesome but adding mobile functionality is what makes it different from the late-90s models.

    If your phone/tablet is on the list of supported devices (check developer description), now you can interact with Furby in a very different way, unlocking features hidden for those who don't have this app installed. Thus, you can feed Furby choosing from over 100 different virtual food items or cook your own delicacies for him. In addition, you can translate from Furbish to English, Français and Japanese in order to get to know your Furby and his needs better.

    As if feeding and understanding your Furby weren't enough, you can use a voice changer, help him fall asleep by counting sheep and make him dance at different rhythms.

    A companion app for a physical toy is an innovative thing, especially if it allows you to unlock new features.

    The app has been set in a kids-friendly interface. Navigation is intuitive, variety of features is good and sound quality is excellent. Just two flaws worth to mention: the list of supported devices is too short and we've reported some force closes on a Nexus 7 (2012).

    We'll be updating the review as soon as we put our paws on an actual Furby. Stay tuned!

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    Dec 09, 2013


    PLEASE NOTE - For optimal performance, make sure your device’s:
    • microphone is facing Furby
    • volume is turned all the way up
    • other apps are not running in background

    App currently supported on the following devices: Samsung Galaxy SIII, SII, Note, Motorola Razr Maxx, and Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, Kindle Fire HD (except 3rd gen) and Google Nexus 7.

    Have a new FURBY? If so, you can do even more using this FURBY app with your FURBY. Feed your FURBY an incredible variety of food or hear your FURBY’s Furbish translated in real time when it speaks.
    Don’t have FURBY yet? Use this FURBY app to browse the FURBY Dictionary, and read or press to hear Furbish words said aloud.

    •PANTRY - Choose from over 100 different foods items for your FURBY to eat! Get to know your FURBY better by figuring out what foods items it likes and dislikes to eat.
    •DELI - Customize a special meal for your FURBY with over 60 different ingredients for making a sandwich.
    •TRANSLATOR - Did FURBY just say what I think it said? Translate FURBY’s Furbish in real time using the Translator. Hold your app device close to FURBY’s mouth when it speaks. When the speech bubbles appear, simply tap either the Furbish or English phrase to hear it said aloud.
    •DICTIONARY** - Complete Furbish to English dictionary. Now you can practice Furbish even when FURBY is not around. This on-the-go dictionary comes complete with vocabulary illustrations and audible Furbish to learn perfect pronunciation.

    ** Hint: Useful for communicating secret notes to friends.
    (Note: Not all functions of the app work with older devices.)
    Remember to update your app regularly as new functions will be added periodically.

    Feed it, speak to it, tickle it, play music for it and shake, tilt or turn FURBY upside down - over time you shape FURBY’S personality. Whether yours is a music loving FURBY dancing to the latest beats or a mischievous FURBY looking for a laugh, each creature’s likes and dislikes are molded by the way you play. From hip hop to pop, pizza or sushi, it responds differently depending on your FURBY’s personality, even if it’s a loud burp after a big meal. With a wide range of unexpected reactions, the interactive FURBY has a “mind of its own” and will let its owner know how it feels through a series of emoticons displayed in its expressive LED eyes. When owners first bring FURBY home it will speak FURBISH, and the more FURBY interacts with its owner, the more English it will start speaking. Each FURBY can also recognize another FURBY; place two side-by-side and they will interact, including dancing to the same tune or having a conversation. For additional interactive FURBY fun, use this FURBY app to virtually feed FURBY, access a FURBISH-to-English dictionary and use the FURBISH-to-English translator. FURBY is available at most major toy retailers nationwide and on

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