Gen Pack 3

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    Encounters and NPC's, two things every player and game master counts on. Encounters to keep the game exciting and NPC's for the game master to mess with his players. Stone Golem Games has put these two essentials of gaming together to form Gen Pack Three. Made for for D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder by Stone Golem Games, Gen Pack Three allows you to generate dungeon and wilderness encounters as well as NPC's at the push of a button.

    Gen Pack 3 features include:
    Dungeon encounters to CR 20
    Wilderness encounters as high as CR 27
    Save encounters for later use
    NPC's up to 20th level
    Races, classes, and racial modifiers
    Name and save NPC's
    Compatible with Phones and Tablets

    Take your RPG to the next level and enjoy Gen Pack Three and may be wary of all you meet.