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    THE MOST LOVED GHOST APP IS NOW BACK with a new look .
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    We have had these paranormal experiences in our life occasionally and to track them you would need a paranormal activity tracker. Here is the perfect application for that in which you can just do more than tracking the ghost or the spirit. The Ghost Detector : Interactor is loaded with real amazing stuff like
    • Amazing 3D Graphics
    • Realistic scenes
    • Animated screens with scary sounds
    • Small application size
    • Interactive screenplay
    • Map ghost Tracking system
    • Real-time graphs
    • Generate and save reports
    • Get in touch with ghosts via connect
    • Talk to them via Interact
    • Promising scary paranormal experience
    You can enter the scary ghost villa by using the Enter button on the button left side of the screen or just choose to “run away” if you are a chicken by pressing "Run".
    To move between the different screens in the application you can swipe the screen left/right and start your ghosthunting with this handy ghost busting tool.
    This Ghost detector unlike most ghost detectors in the market does something more than just recording the EMF readings because they can be misleading most of the times with even the Earth’s magnetic field coming into picture.

    The five options are explained below for user reference:
    • The ghost Map works at real-time data tracking sharp energy changes and if found, it then monitors the paranormal object on map. Tap on the map to start tracking and tap again to pause the search.

    • The four different graphs map the data fetched along two different factors thus giving you a better insight about the ghost activity. Just tap on the corresponding hand to view the graph.

    • You can save reports generated in your External Storage to view them later by clicking the view button or view current reports by refreshing data every time a new report is generated.

    • You can bridge the gap between the third world and our living world with “connect” feature wherein you can ask from the ghost as the mic is turned on(only when a particular ghost is found and captured by MAP). It will try to identify the different words captured from the pattern flowing around you.

    • The “Interact” feature gives you the power to have a full conversation with the spirit by converting your text into their frequency very smoothly, but be careful while using it because ghosts can be sensitive to their surroundings. DON'T USE SLANGS WITH THEM!!!

    For more information on various sections you can read help provided for every section or just mail us at the link below. We request you not to rate the application low if there was some instruction that we couldn't write clearly and it gave you problems while using the app. We have made every effort to make the interface user friendly and the app easy to use, but you can always write to us and we will be happy to help.
    Use this application to peel off yet another layer of the paranormal world but be careful at all steps. This is not the thing to play fool’s game with. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!
    100% accuracy may not be achieved sometime and result from our app cannot be verified scientifically, So its better to use it for entertainment purpose

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