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    Here is a un-official 100% FAN-Guide including tips and tricks.You may find some information useful here.This is a perfect for beginner and intermediate player.

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    Future Soldier (a video game) is released on May 22, 2012 by both Xbox 360 consoles and PlayStation 3. Ubisoft published the video game and it is the fourth addition to the Ghost Recon video game series. The game's events are set somewhere in the near future when a dirty bomb kills all the members of a ghost team. After this incident, a different ghost team takes up the task of getting to the source of the dirty bomb. This tracking leads them to several countries such as Pakistan, Nigeria, Norway and Russia throughout the game.

    This video game has changed from the original version. The soldiers have a futuristic look and have prototype weapons. Other additional features include the pocket sized machines which turn into cars and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). The camouflage suit enables the soldiers to become invisible when crouching. These and other features in the game give the player a firsthand combat experience. The game's developers have worked hard to improve the features such as sensor grenades, heavy weapons and remote controlled vehicles. There are endless fun-filled opportunities to use these improvements when chasing the enemy with the remote controlled cars, blowing up buildings with the sensor grenades as well as marking targets and shooting them with the heavy, handheld weapons.

    The future soldiers in the game have to work together to defeat the enemy, despite the heavy weaponry and the hi-tech gadgets they possess. This is to show that no battle is won by a single soldier, and the value of team work is immeasurable. The team of four can take out four targets at once using the contemplative weapons. The weapons have specific target marking propositions that add to the thrill of playing the game. When in hiding, these weapons can take out targets with utmost precision, although they prove to lose their accuracy in full combat.

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