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    Use a green door to lock your phone. This screen unlock software has an opening door effect. When you unlock phone, its just like unlock a door! It is a green door lock tool, because the door locked your phone is a beautiful green one. The door is surrounded by green leaves and there are music note and notebook decorate the green door.

    --- Dynamic effect of open the door.
    --- Free screen lock for android phone/tablet.
    --- Phone battery condition be expressed with a battery icon and percentage number.
    --- Time and date o locking page are all real-time.
    Use a format like: first line-time, second line-weekend, last line-day/month/year.
    --- Two door has different functions:
    Left door help you unlock phone and make contacts directly.
    Right door is just unlock screen.
    --- Unlock door sound effect.

    Beautiful locking door:
    Green them.
    There are green leaves around the door.
    Notebook with music notes.
    Coffee tea near the diary book.
    left door has date and time.
    Right door includes buttery information.

    Unlocking way:
    Drop down the door handles to unlock.
    Drop down right door to unlock screen easily.
    Drop down left door to enter phone contact page.

    Open or close this free phone door lock.
    Open or off the sound or vibrate effect.
    Supply us with five stars or good enough to share with your friends.

    More knowledge about lock:
    Locks might be entirely mechanical, or electromechanical. They could be operated by turning many form of removable key, by keying or dialing in a combination that directly or through electromechanical means operates the lock, with many form of magnetic or other card reader, or just by moving a part on a safety lock intended to prevent accidental operation instead of prevent unauthorized access.
    A warded lock is one of the earliest types of locks present from Antiquity.

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