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    This free application can make your world become greener. You can get access to tips to keep our planet green here for free with your Android devices. This application can help you become more friendly-environmentally here.


    There are 5 zones for you to do greenly, where you should pay attention to your old and bad habits.

    You can send green tips by Bluetooth and messaging as you wish.

    You can have a better user interface here.

    Why is this application here for you?

    You know, we live in a common earth and we should contribute to our green world. But some people may not care for our earth, which we should change immediately.

    What is this application about?

    You can get 5 places around your daily life for you to abide the green tips there, such as home, travel, office, market and garden.

    `Home green tips:

    You must love your home and try to keep your home clean. While, green habits can really help you keep a household better. You should learn to recycle everything you can’t reduce or reuse. You also should save battery by turning off what you are not using them now. Try to buy non-polluting green electricity. Use water and paper efficiently as you can.

    `Travel green tips:

    Ask yourself whether you really need to make that trip. If you do need to travel, choose the most environmentally friendly option available. You should choose the right place to stay at your destination.

    `Office green tips:

    You should save paper, turn off devices, love your laptop, sue green energy and save power with your PC and so on.

    `Market green tips:

    Think about what you eat and buy local organic food with your own bag. The less packaging the better and think before you buy.

    `Garden green tips:

    Choose your bulbs carefully, Stop using chemical pesticides. Use plants that repel insects and natural alternatives to pesticides. Remove weeds organically and Use organic compost and mulch. Choose drought-tolerant plants, save energy and get fit at the same time and always choose sustainable-sourced wood

    Why should you install this application?

    This application introduces green tips for you to do in daily life. You can get this application for free with Android devices.

    There are buttons at the bottom if this application for a better user experience. You can delay to 1 min before the screen automatically turns off with setting button. You can get more free applications in about button. Please give us 5 stars if you like this application in supply button. If you have any problem about this application, you can email us.

    Come to join in green zone! Download this application Green Zone for free now! Thank you!

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