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    Guess DName(Free)

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    Get ready to have fun with new INNOVATIVE and SMART App which will GUESS the NAME, WORD that will in your MIND.
    Yes its true it will tell you what you have guessed in just simple steps.
    Try and experience the new IDEA of this app and have fun while playing with your friends.

    GuessDName has the following features:-

    * User Friendly GUI *
    * Quite Simple to use *
    * Less in Size *
    * Downloadable to SD card *
    * Compatibility with PHONES and TABLETS*

    NOTE :- You can play this app 5 times a day. If you want unlimited access then buy PRO version.


    Step 1 :-

    Guess any NAME or WORD in you mind.

    Step 2 :-

    Input the total number of characters that are in word or number.

    Step 3 :-

    As app has 4 columns at main screens which contains 4 buttons at the top. You have to press the buttons character by character like:- If the name is JOHN then first Character will be in 2nd column then press 2nd button so on.. at last press GO Button

    NOTE :- Clear Buttons are used when you have pressed wrong button by mistake then you can start again by pressing these buttons.

    SEQUENCE field will tell you the sequence of characters you have pressed.

    Step 4:- Repeat Step 3 on next screen for the SAME Name or Word and press Go Button.

    BINGO :----- YOU GOT IT.

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