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    The application that all Guild Wars 2 PRO gamers just need to have has arrived. It allows the user to constantly follow Guild Wars 2 news from official Arena Net webpage as well as try out different various trait builds on all available professions. Furthermore the
    application provides the user with a nice summary of skills that he has already acquired.

    NOTE: Internet connection is required in order to see RSS from Guild Wars 2 official site.

    Future release, among other things, will contain skill panel.

    If you see any mistakes or would like to help develop this applications please send me your suggestions on:

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    * Change log *

    31/08/2012 - Optimized graphics for medium and small screen devices. Reduced apk size.Next update that will come out within a week will include updated traits.

    06/09/2012 - Updated traits. Added functionality. Now users can tap big rune locks to quickly add 10, 20 or 30 points.

    21/10/2012 - Introduced racial skills.

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