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    Guru dialer is both intuitive to use and highly configurable. With loads of pre configured providers, many users will have their SIP account configured and making calls in less than a minute. But Fizan Telecom also has the highly configurable settings advanced VoIP users and business users need, including support for use on wifi and 3G networks HD audio through G722,G729 and quick import of accounts from VoIP Dialer, Mobile softphones, mobile dialers, sip dialers, sip softphone, mobile sip, sip mobile, Voipcheap, sipgate and more. Try Fizan Telecom on Android today and you'll be telling your friends about it tomorrow.
    Check out the great features of Fizan Telecom for Android, with many more to come.

    Balance display on top
    Dialer status display
    Account number display on screen
    Phone book support
    Call history incoming outgoing missed with duration of call
    Redial Function
    Call and hangup operation using Call and Hangup buttons
    GPRS/Wi-Fi/3G/4G support.
    Incoming call alert with ringing
    GSM Call Alert
    Operator code:-
    This code is assigned automatically to an operator when he registers with Mobile Dialer. During the registration, the service provider used to provide information like switch IP, port number, and IVR extension. And this information has been stored against the operator code. So end users only need to input operator code instead of all technical information. End users need to input this operator code only for the first run of dialer. However, end users need to install the dialer in his phone's memory instead of storage memory. You may use this tool to provide customized dialers to your resellers by assigning unique operator code to your resellers.
    Audio codec manipulation, enabling you to prioritize the codecs used and disable ones you don’t want to use
    comfortable and super-smooth user interface, fine-tuned specially for Android easy, intuitive configuration
    simultaneous registration of multiple SIP accounts, have multiple accounts registered to receive incoming calls and switch the account used for outgoing calls without leaving the keypad
    Android contacts integration. Making cheap voice calls, no hidden charged,Easy to call anyone in your contacts via SIP to SIP,GSM to SIP,SIP to GSM etc
    add new contacts directly from the softphone
    ability to generate DTMF tones while in call, to control various PBX features or automated systems (use audio, rfc 2833 or SIP INFO)
    speakerphone support
    detailed call history
    We present the phone numbers in a convenient format with grouped digits, display the flag and country name and even region/city name for some countries, including USA
    VoIP over 3G - Be aware that some mobile network operators prohibit or restrict the use of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) over their network. They may prohibit the use of VoIP or impose additional fees and/or charges when using VoIP over their network. By using Fizan Telecom over 3G, you agree to abide by any restrictions your cellular carrier imposes and agree that Fizan Telecom will not be held responsible for any charges, fees or liability imposed by your carrier for using Fizan Telecom over their 3G network.

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