Half Life 2 Booth




    See the world as Gordon Freeman sees it!

    This app shows the heads-up display of Half Life 2's HEV (Hazardous Environment) suit over a camera view, allowing you to see your health, shields, and trusty crowbar (or other weapon)! Press the camera icon to take a picture of your life as seen by Gordon Freeman! Press the weapon icon to cycle between available weapons: crowbar, gravity gun, pulse rifle, shotgun, pistol, magnum, crossbow, sub-machine gun, or RPG.

    Want more features, such as different weapons or auxiliary power display? Got any suggestions for changes? Let me know! Use the "Email Developer" button below.
    Please use the same button to report any bugs or crashes. Negative reviews don't give enough details, and no way for me to get in touch with you. If I can't get in touch, I can't get any more details, and I can't fix it.

    Photos are stored in the "Pictures" folder on your SD card and will remain even if the app is uninstalled. They can be deleted as normal from the Gallery.

    Note on Permissions:
    CAMERA - Needed to access the camera to take pictures.
    EXTERNAL STORAGE - Needed to save the photos on your SD card.
    INTERNET - Needed for ads.
    NETWORK STATE - Needed for ads.

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