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    Halloween Hunter Prank

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    Halloween Hunter is a prank game that is guaranteed to frighten the life out of your friends and family!

    Disguised as a spooky action game, players are instructed to shoot the bats flying around the screen. Once half of the bats are killed a terrifying prank kicks in displaying a bloody face shaking, flashing and screaming! And if that wasn't enough, the phone also vibrates at the same time doubling the fear!

    This app is perfect for the Halloween season and always gives people a fright! Prank your friends, colleagues and family and laugh as they jump out of their skin!


    - A fully functional prank game, complete with moving bats that the unsuspecting victim must touch to kill
    - An absolutely terrifying prank image that shakes, flashes and vibrates your phone!
    - An ear piercing female scream as the prank happens!
    - A 'gotcha' screen after with the sound of a menacing male laugh

    Halloween Hunter has already scared loads of people and now all Android owners can trick their friends this Halloween!

    How to prank:

    - Before you use this prank make sure to turn the 'Media' volume of your phone all the way up!
    - Pick out a helpless victim and tell them to play Halloween Hunter on your phone
    - Once they read the quick instructions and start killing the bats enjoy their reaction as the prank scares them stupid!
    - Take a minute to enjoy the moment and then find a new victim!


    FLASHING IMAGES WARNING: The prank featured in this app flashes and shakes violently and as such caution should be used when picking a person to prank.

    People react differently to being scared so be sure to use this prank in a safe place and be prepared to take your phone if it looks like it may be dropped! I take no responsiblity if your phone is damaged from being dropped while using this app so try to use it over something soft!

    What are you waiting for!? Buy Halloween Hunter and start scaring your friends today!!!

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