Hammer Screen Unlock




    This is a specialized screen locker. Yes, absolutely it is one of the screen locker. However, there is no any arrow or any icon to slide. Hammer into door handle to open the door and make the screen unlock.

    - Hammer Screen Unlock has icons for daily information in the cell phones and tablets
    - It has a lock screen background with door as you set.
    - use hammer to unlock the door in the lock screen to unlock it
    - It operates on the android mobile system
    - Hammer Screen Unlock is easy and simple to use

    Advantages of this screen locker:

    1. On the unlocking screen, you could check the electricity condition.
    Below the time and date, it will show the power in proportion.
    So you will know how much power remains and you could choose to charge your phone or not.

    2. The information of time and date is displayed on the unlocking screen.
    We will usually need to check the current time. You could check the time and date easily. No need to unlock the screen any longer.

    3. Simple hammer unlock way.
    Hammer to break the door to unlock the screen.
    Your phone screen could be unlocked easily.

    4. Sound and vibration effect.
    You could turn on and off the sound and vibration effect as you like.
    It is up to you totally.
    For example, you are attending an important meeting, you have to turn both of them off.
    So that the sound and vibration will not disturb others.
    After all, making noise in the meeting is not polite for others.

    Download this screen lock for your phone right now!!!
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    More from wiki:

    All mobile phones have many features in common, but manufacturers also try to differentiate their own products by implementing additional functions to make them more attractive to consumers. This has led to great innovation in mobile phone development over the past 20 years.

    A lock might be a mechanical or electronic fastening device that is released by a physical object, by supplying secret information, or by a combination thereof.