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    This is the Hardest, Toughest, Most Hilarious and Politically Incorrect Android App available! It's the only App of its kind! Period!

    Why is this App so unique? Because this is a professional, Politically Incorrect, satirically based, humorous App that focuses on the principles of Positive Reinforcement. The world has gone crazy with political correctness. We are here to challenge that and go back to the 'good old days' of being able to say what you like and what you’re thinking, in a fun and good spirited way, in other words, blah blah blah… just ‘Harden Up’ and live life to its fullest.

    Have you ever wanted to send an SMS/MMS, email or post a frank, Politically Incorrect message to your family, friends or colleagues and haven’t been able to find a way of getting those thoughts and comments to them? This App will give you the means to do that and make them laugh out loud! Not only do you no longer have to type it yourself, but this App does it for you via a number of spoken (audio recordings) and written Politically Incorrect phrases that are guaranteed to make you laugh, smile and blush at the same time!

    This is totally Ad Free!


    With our App, you:

    •Pick whether you’re a male or a female (Two parts to the App containing two libraries of recorded audio phrases, written phrases and funny content)
    •View a very funny and Politically Incorrect animation video for both male and female selections
    •Decide how you are feeling today. E.g. ‘Hard’ represents that you’re feeling tough and confident and ‘Soft’ represents that you’re feeling a little low or sooky
    •Push the Big Red button and the fun, laughter and blushing begins!
    •Get bombarded with heaps of cool, funny and ‘in your face’ phrases and recordings
    •Get to share the phrases and recordings in MP3 format with all your family, friends and colleagues via popular mediums such as SMS/MMS, Email, Facebook and Twitter

    Positive Reinforcement:

    What is Positive Reinforcement?

    “It is a technique used to encourage a desirable behaviour”. “The adding of an appetitive stimulus to increase a certain behaviour or response”. “It is one of the most important and widely applied principles of behaviour analysis”.

    The above summary definitions are derived from generic web search results and are representative of a number of similar descriptors available in cyber space… In other words, if you’re going to download and use this App, that you do so with the express intention of using or sharing the phrases and recordings in a Positive, Humorous manner at all times!

    Each phrase is subjective in its nature, therefore, you must consider your ‘target audience’ when sharing the content of this App.

    Harden Up Enterprises Pty Ltd have designed and built this App under the auspices of satire, humour, comedic and Politically Incorrect delivery platforms whilst bearing in mind that all of the content is designed with the principles of Positive Reinforcement in mind. E.g. If one of your friends, family members or colleagues shares a moment with you that you find humorous or silly, you can then share a phrase from within the App highlighting the fact that the situation is minor and they need to ‘Harden Up’

    By now you should know what we’re about and what the HardenUpApp ™ concept is all about!

    Enjoy this innovative and somewhat daring App and Harden Up already!

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