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    Kill the unicorn and feel better! Take the stress!

    Finally, and Android! More than 500,000 installations on other platforms! The maximum ratings *****


    First of all we'd like to apologize to those users who think our cute app is angry and cynical. We certainly don't mean to hurt anybody's feelings.  We should also say upfront that all the cute fluffy creatures were only hurt in the name of the Greater Good.


    Some days are just full of those stressful moments that may make you lose your cool. Quite often this leads to a strong desire to get back at those who offended you. But alas - revenge isn't always possible due to social constraints, possible legal consequences or remoteness of the offending party.

    So let's get rid of the stress and restore the world peace! After an unpleasant phone call or a meeting, just launch Hatometr. This angry but cute app will help you release your negative emotions in a simple and visually pleasant manner.

    t's quite simple: the more violently you shake the phone - the higher is your hate level. The higher is your hate level - the greater is your score. But it isn't just about the numbers! The final score also determines what kind of a gentle and defenseless being you would enjoy striking down in great vengeance and furious anger :)

    Level one is a just piece of paper, you almost love the other party. Level two is a nice flower, and you are angry enough to nip it off. Your favorite mug and a teddy bear are reserved for higher levels. And someone may even get upset enough to kill a unicorn! A UNICORN!!!

    And so be it. Let them suffer, too!

    *** The program runs automatically after each call ***

    *** The program runs automatically after each call ***

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