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    Leave lip prints on the screen of your Android devices. This free app Hickey Jokes Fake supports to leave fake kisses on your wallpaper of your Android mobiles and tablets.

    1. Set one picture of your favorite star as your wallpaper.
    Leave lip prints on his/her face.
    Show off to your friends and tell them that you just kissed your super star.
    2. Give your device to your friends.
    When he touches somewhere, it will add a new lip print.
    Enjoy this big surprise.

    1. Open this app and read introduction to enter this app.
    2. Click on your home screen to get hickey everywhere.
    3. You can click on the upper left corner to change your lip type here.
    4. We can get quick access to such three types of kisses as gently kiss, forced kiss ad crazy kiss.
    5. We can get kiss sound and vibration when we click on the screen.

    This is a fake hickey app for entertainment. Just use this app to make a joke with your friends.

    Come to download this fake app here for free. Leave hickey on people wallpaper if you want. We can get a lot of time and kill boring time here. You will love it!


    A hickey, kiss mark, love bite, or bug bite could be a bruise or bruise like mark caused by the kissing or sucking of the skin, usually on the neck or arm. While biting could be part of giving a hickey, sucking might be sufficient to burst superficial small blood vessels under the skin.
    Hickeys may typically last from five to twelve days and can be treated in the same way as other bruises. Ways to reduce the appearance of hickeys may include icing recent hickeys to reduce swelling, rubbing them with a chilled spoon to break up blood clots, and applying a warm compress to older hickeys to dilate vessels and promote blood flow. They might be covered with foundation, powder or fake tan. Alternatively, articles of clothing such as scarves, turtle necks, or sleeves can be used to conceal hickeys.

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