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    Hit-Em Hard allows you to measure the acceleration of your punch measured in gravitational force (g's). The faster you are able to punch the better your score will be.
    Compete with your friends, family, coworkers even strangers at the bar...
    There are many many applications on the android market that do this exact thing so why purchase mine? We spent the time and completely redesigned the traditional formula the others are using in their apps and made it more accurate in comparison to day to day events.
    We are the only app that actually gives you a point of reference for the speed of your punch from walking to being tackled by a NFL linebacker.
    Punching and Swinging just not your thing?
    Take this app on the curvy roads in your neighborhood and measure the amount of G's that are in that turn, turn it on while you are riding a roller coaster, just about everything you do day-to-day has a G force measurement. It really is interesting and educational.
    Leave me some comments if you like the app and I'll add more interaction to release the full potential of your Android Device.

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